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We start with a vision and see it through to a superior result.

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We are so dedicated to providing a top-notch customer services that our company offers up to 5 Years warranty for Exterior Painting & Interior Painting Services.

Its a peace of mind for our Customers to know their Painting project is in good hands.

We offer full Commercial Painting,  Industrial Painting & Sandblasting Services regardless if you need an interior Painting or Exterior Painting Job

Up To 5years Warranty!! 5million Insurance & WCB Covered.

Learn About Our Affordable Rates and Free Quote.

All Our Painting Services are Fully Insured and Covered For Your Protection 



Email[email protected]

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Our promise is simple: We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our services or we will make it right. In addition, we offer a 3-5 year limited warranty on all exterior painting and  3-5 year limited warranty on all interior painting. 


If a defect occurs, we will supply labor and materials to correct the condition at no cost*. Please note that this warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Also, our responsibility is limited to correcting the defected areas only.

Please click the link below to learn more about our Warranty and for more details on the specific items our Warranty is limited to.

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COMMERCIAL PAINTERS Impressive Commercial Painting Service for Your Office Space, warehouse and factory.

The quality of your business is somehow enhanced by the appearance of your commercial building. Appearance matters. It has been generally understood that refinishing your commercial space will enhance its curb appeal. It’ll impress guests by giving them a positive lasting impression of your premises. It can also drive foot-traffic. Make your center for commerce an inviting place today by relying on the commercial painting services of Makus Commercial and Industrial Painters

Commercial Painting Service - We deliver impeccable painting service at reasonable prices. We handle all types and scope of painting projects, whether big or small. The work is performed by highly-trained and seasoned painters. We have a profound understanding of the painting process and we do the work thoroughly. We know how to successfully complete a painting project and we keep it within your budget.

We have extensive experience in offering commercial painting; that’s why we finish the job fast and easy with beautiful results. We have rendered our services to industrial and commercial spaces such as warehouses, offices, gyms, transportation facilities, entertainment venues, storage facilities, high-rise buildings, and much more. We exceed the quality you expected and we complete it in the set time frame.


Exterior painting is the most visible part of your maintenance routine. Whether you operate an industrial facility, manage a corporate office or have recently purchased a retail location, a quality paint job makes a statement to both employees and potential customers.

Refresh your building’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint that withstands wind, rain and sun elongating the life of any property.

Makus Painting’s commercial exterior painting services include:

● Exterior commercial painting● Pressure washing● Exterior stain● Minor wood and stucco repair● Wood decks and overhangs● Anti-graffiti coatings

When you work with Makus Painting you get treated like first class because you are and we are the best in class solution to your painting needs for your business. Our supervisors prepare for the arrival of the painting crew by posting signs and alerting tenants in advance. Proper planning saves time and aggravation, and helps resolve access and parking issues. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured - and our professional painting crews will work straight through your job to completion, respecting your time and convenience.

We work to ensure proper scheduling and minimum disruption for building occupants. All members of the Makus Painting crew, including the supervising foreman and team lead, arrive in uniform for easy identification to ensure the security of the property. Our supervisors monitor every site for timeliness and cleanliness to guarantee a superior painting project completion.

COMMERCIAL INTERIOR PAINTERS Interior Painting Services Looking to spruce up an indoor space? Makus Painting offers endless ways to make over interior spaces like office suites, presentation rooms, entryways, lab areas and more.

A simple coat of paint can enhance the feel of your company’s work space, boost activity and promote your brand’s professionalism. Makus Painting’s interior commercial painting services include: ● Interior commercial painting

● Minor wood and drywall repair● Night and weekend availability

● Ceiling and stairwell painting● Door and door frames

When you work with Makus Painting you get treated like first class because you are and we are the best in class solution to your interior painting needs for your business. Our supervisors prepare for the arrival of the painting crew by posting signs and alerting tenants in advance. Proper planning saves time and aggravation, and helps resolve access and parking issues. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured - and our professional painting crews will work straight through your job to completion, respecting your time and convenience.

We work to ensure proper scheduling and minimum disruption for building occupants. All members of the Makus Painting crew, including the supervising foreman and team lead, arrive in painting uniform to ensure the security of the property. Our supervisors monitor every site for timeliness and cleanliness to guarantee a superior painting project completion.


We have skilled painters who are able to work first, second, or third shift to minimize disruption in your facility. If necessary, our painters will paint only a section of your building at a time, in a careful, efficient, safe, and professional manner. The remainder of your building can continue operating as usual.

Our painters recognize that they are working in a more demanding environment when painting or power washing industrial buildings such as:

Power Plants

Chemical Plants

Oil Refineries

Pulp And Paper Plants

Electric Companies

Water Treatment Facilities



Silos / Storage Tanks

Painting Services

At the top of our industrial services list is of course painting! Our painting projects serve many purposes. They make your industrial structures, buildings and machinery look great, protect them from the elements and also make them easier to clean and maintain. We even offer color coding to make it easier to identify where a particular piece of equipment belongs within your industrial complex or grounds. While we love to make your buildings look fantastic, we also know that we are applying a barrier that protects buildings and equipment from corrosion and rot. We keep your valuable property protected and looking good. Asset protection is just one of many benefits to our industrial painting services.

Ceiling Painting

Our industrial services include the often difficult challenge of painting industrial ceilings. We paint every type of industrial ceiling including concrete, drywall, plaster, composites, steel, aluminum, corrugated, fiberglass, mineral and many more. We can paint ceilings of any size or height in any part of the country. And we do this with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our customers appreciate our experience in painting industrial ceilings. We are the go-to professionals nationwide with the skills, experience and resources to get the job done right.

Walls And Floors

Painting walls and floors are also an integral part of our industrial services. We handle the interior or exterior walls on any size building or factory complex. We start with expert preparation and move quickly to outstanding application. We apply primers, paints and coatings in the most cost-effective manner. Whether its spray, brush or roller, our skilled painters can handle it quickly and efficiently and at a very competitive price.


The experts at Makus Sandblasting provide a wide array of services. Our team can do it all. We remove unwanted layers of, well, stuff from any surface material, including rust, old paint, scale, and discoloration, among others. We also help you prepare surfaces for finish.

There is no sandblasting job that is too small or too big for our team of experts, whether its industrial sandblasting, residential sandblasting, boat sandblasting, car sandblasting, or anything else. We are well versed in various techniques, including dustless blasting and soda blasting.


We at Makus Sandblasting are qualified and experienced in all sorts of sandblasting projects, including those of the industrial variety. We are experts in a wide variety of industrial sandblasting projects. We have state of the art industrial sandblasters that we love using that can sandblast away any unwanted substance on any material of any size. We provide a lot of options and media to choose from. For industrial blasting, we can handle media blasting, soda blasting, shot blasting, dustless blasting, and many other types. Contact us today!


A Reliable Painting Contractor for Your office Interior Painting Service in Vancouver and surrounding area.

Do you wish to improve the look of your property’s interiors? Are you sick of how it looks, or has it gotten a bit shoddy overtime? Do you want to update the look of certain rooms you have? Well, you definitely may benefit from giving them a splash of new color to improve such surfaces. Don’t hesitate to hire a capable painting contractor to provide you with the painting services you need. If you’re in search for a reputable painting company, we at Makus Painting are definitely the one you should call for your Interior Painting Services

If you hire us to paint your interiors, you are surely promised impressive results across every surface. Whichever rooms or areas of your property are in need of a professional paint job, we’re happy to render our services to you. You can thank our dedicated and experienced team for the results you’ve been longing for, as they are surely qualified to accomplish whatever look and finish you’d like. Of course, you won’t be treated to any substandard work when we’re holding the paintbrushes.

How We’ll Do It

As a trusted painting contractor in your area, we’ll happily accommodate your needs at the schedule that’s best for you. Just give us a call, so that we can deploy a team to arrive at your property. We’ll discuss with you your preferences and the type of look you’d want to apply overall. From there, we can gather the needed painting materials and other relevant supplies. We’ll report back with them and prepare the surfaces to be tended to ensure a smooth finish and trouble-free work. Of course, we’ll also protect any surfaces you don’t want painted, also as a way to ensure precise edges. From then on, we’ll use controlled strokes and reliable techniques to apply the paint to your liking. Once we’re done, we can surely create a winning finish for your benefit.

Commercial Interior Painters

Let Us Help You Save Time

You can save time and prevent aggravation on painting your walls by hiring an interior painting service. Our professionals are experienced in interior painting. When you seek a company to handle interior  painting for you, you expect quality. At Makus Painting, our goal is to deliver highest quality. To accomplish this, we use premium paints.

We Are Guided by Our Values

At Makus Painters we have several values that we use as a basis for business conduct. Three of these values are customer satisfaction, integrity and respect. Making customers happy is one of our top priorities. Being honest and respectful helps us with customer satisfaction. We are willing to explain all of the costs involved in your interior house painting project so you know how we arrived at an estimate.

Interior Rooms We Can Paint

We work with painting contractors who know how to paint just about any type of interior room, including but not limited to: Bedrooms, Hallways, Garages, Garage floors, Pantries, Bathrooms, Game rooms, Dens, Kitchens, Dining rooms

Contact us to further discuss details about your interior painting needs in Vancouver and surrounding area.

We Hire Highly Skilled Painting Contractors

Makus Commercial and Industrial Painter is careful to only work with painting contractors who are skilled in interior house painting. We match qualified paint crews to each interior painting project we accept. They are informed of our values as well and what type of service we expect.

The Right Colors

If you're looking to sell your home, we can help you find suitable colors that could make your place attractive to buyers. We offer color consultation services that can offer you options based on your desire for the property.

We Love Helping

Whether you're updating your walls for yourself or for reselling the home, we are happy to help. Let us know what you hope to accomplish, and we can make suggestions about how to meet your goals. Our professionals are polite and respectful as we take our values seriously.

A fresh coat of paint is all it takes. Paint is personal; it expresses your personal tastes and has the ability to influence your mood. Add excitement to your office interior painting with beautiful color! Makus Painting can help you select just the right color,

A new coat of paint is an easy, accessible way to increase your office visual appeal. When the professionals at Makus Painting repaint your office, floor, kitchen, hallways, and ceilings, an exciting and impressive dimension is added to your space.

We perform extensive preparation to protect your furnishings and ensure the proper application of all products and properly prepares all surfaces to be painted, fixes the little dings and bumps that are visible under new paint, and apply the new paint with precision and expertise. We use washable paints for a durable, long-lasting finish, ensuring your continuing enjoyment of your home's "new look" for years to come.

Interior warehouse Painting Services

Looking to spruce up an indoor space? Makus Painting has endless ways to give a makeover to interior spaces.

Makus Painting’s interior warehouse painting services include:

●Painting all office rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens

●Entryway and stairwell painting

●Acoustic ceiling removal and texturing

●Cabinet repainting

●Minor wood and stucco repair


Hire Our Exterior Painting Contractors for Ease

Painting your exteriors and interiors can be a tough task if you’re not skilled. Employing commercial and residential painting contractors to get the task done is your wisest option. You might assume that painting it yourself projects are cheaper, but when corners are cut and imperfections are neglected, you’ll end up going over your budget by spending more money on fixing the mistakes that were committed. Often, people think that painting is simple, but unless you’ve tackled more than one huge residential painting project, most homeowners assure it’s not that simple. That’s why you hire our professionals like us for your project.

Years of experience.

While you might have spent hours watching that DIY videos online on how to paint your home, professional painters have years of knowledge and experience that helps them to offer higher quality results. For instance, painters don’t come in and apply the best paint available and leave. We spend time evaluating your property inside and out as well as spotting decays, rots, and structural defects that should be fixed before painting. Makus Painting provides you with the materials that will help protect your property against water vapor leaks, which lead to structural damages and rots. Established companies that offer repairs, renovations, painting, and remodeling make necessary changes to ensure that the task is done right and efficiently the first time.

Contact us today for your Exterior Painting Project


Does your warehouse's exterior need a fresh coat of paint? At Makus Painting, we can take on almost any exterior warehouse painting need you have. Let us know what you need to have painted, and we will let you know if it's a project we can accept. We will schedule an appointment for a free estimate to accurately assess the area to be painted. If there's any damage to the structure that would interfere with a quality paint job, we'll let you know and offer to fix it as a part of our services.

What Exterior Structures Can We Paint?

We work with painting contractors who are qualified to paint almost any exterior structure you can think of, including but not limited to:



Metal Cladding Painting

Garages Painting

Exterior doors painting

Home exteriors painting

Porches painting

Decks painting

Metal Panel Painting

Barns painting

Sheds painting

Exterior trims painting

Fence painting


Materials that we have the expertise to correctly paint include:

Wood painting

Brick painting

Panel painting

Siding painting

Stucco painting

Concrete painting



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Strata Painting, Townhouse Painting, Commercial Painting, Warehouse Painting, Industrial Painting & High Rise Painting​

Makus Commercial and Industrial Painter is a Painting company in lower mainland Bc offering Strata painting, High Rise Painting, Commercial Painting, Warehouse Painting and industrial painting Services. What drives our company is our commitment to the community, the environment and our painters. To our customers, we promise a nightmare free service. We back that promise with hundreds of signed testimonials and reviews. To make this possible, we use our own professional painters and never use sub-contractors.

For the last 8 years we serviced the interior and exterior of buildings and homes. We painted offices, condos and apartments throughout lower mainland Bc. Our customers include well known designers, property managers and real estate professionals.

Commercial Painting

commercial property owners understand that their establishments deteriorate over time. Paint chips and fades while an assortment of building features are subject to wear and tear. To keep the aesthetic appeal of your property and ensure that it functions at optimal efficiency, hire Makus Commercial and Industrial Painter. We offer painting and maintenance services to residential and commercial property owners.

we are committed to getting the job done right way. Our professionalism and courteous conduct are demonstrated by the care given to you and your home. From the moment we visit your home until the time we leave, you will receive worry-free quality products and service from a professional painting company. Our attention to detail and work habits coupled with old fashioned integrity, makes doing business with Makus Commercial and Industrial Painter as easy as can be, whether your project is small or big

Contact us for your Strata Painting project 

We adore beautiful,  clean spaces that make you feel good. That's why we attract facility managers, strata real estate exec's, restaurateurs, and designers  who share  our passion. 

Our experience working in several manufacturing plants, office environments and restaurants has given us the expertise to handle even the most challenging of work environments. The commercial painting experts can do it all, from sand blasting natural gas pipelines or repainting the office meeting room. We can provide the results you want to achieve within flexible, low impact work hours, which is imperative to keep your home and business up and running while we work.


                     List of Our Painting Services

 Commercial Painting Service 


 Strata Painting Service

 Interior Painting Service

 Exterior Painting Service

 Office Painting

 High-Rise Painting

 Power Washing

 Caulking and Priming

 Sanding and Plastering






Makus  Painters has been offering the finest quality in interior & exterior painting service to the people residing in lower mainland bc, for many years.

Why Should You Choose Our Services?

Our Commercial & Industrial painters relish in taking part in your home, business, or office’s color transformation.

Our residential and commercial painting company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance.

Our entire team commits themselves to meeting those needs. So as a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the finest exterior & interior painting service in the industry.

Keep your building in good condition with the help of our team. We will gladly take care of the maintenance work, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our company, created and managed by industry experts, strives to offer the highest quality and most reliable service available.

We are the leading provider of interior and exterior facility maintenance both residential and commercial with an outstanding reputation for quality, professionalism, reliability, flexibility and principled business ethics.

A clean, well-kept facility enhances your corporate image, and provides a healthy environment for your customers and employees

Our process begins with an initial meeting and an estimate encompassing all the details and costs of your project. Once we have you on board, we will set up a timeline for the completion of the project. All of the work we do for you is guaranteed by a warranty of up to 5 years, depending on the project. We are committed to providing high quality and professional painting and maintenance services at a price that will work for you! We understand that most of all painting is a messy, stressful and time consuming job; even hiring someone to do the job can be stressful; and that's where we come in. We understand that your day is busy, so we make sure to always arrive on time and get to work right away. We work quickly, efficiently but make sure that no matter what job we take; our work is thorough. We make sure that the paint job is flawless and the customers expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Since the tools and materials we use are high quality, they will not only look good, but the surface will last; meaning it will look for the years to come. Even after being in the business for as long as we have, we are still constantly searching for ways to improve. We always look for small and minute details that we can iron out. By constantly looking for ways to improve we have been steadily polishing and refining our services and how we function as a business. This unique approach allows us to deliver the unparalleled service our customers are used to and it’s what has gotten us the reputation as the highly recommended and leading painting contractors in Lower mainland British Columbia. If you have any questions about how we work feel free to give us a call and one of our excellent customer service representatives would be more than happy to assist you.